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Greenway Softwashing

Exterior Cleaning Solution in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud & The Cotswolds

Greenway uses safe and very effective cleaning and sanitising methods, for both domestic and commercial properties. It uses high spec equipment that will effectively clean and sanitise exterior surfaces with a variety of eco-friendly chemicals. This combined with superheated steam/water where needed can achieve fantastic results. Each individual surface with distinct contaminants requires a unique approach for best results. Our solution is mixed on site with our state of the art van mounted system for optimal results for the task required. This way we customise our approach to maximise the results whilst also achieving cost effectiveness.


 We invest constantly to ensure we have the very best equipment and machinery on the market to ensure we are able to tackle any job in hand and be ahead of the game. Some of the machinery is extremely specialised and not available to hire, meaning we are able to undertake work others cannot. Our vans have commission built pressure washing and soft washing systems on board, meaning we can fully adapt to the task in hand. The on-board Briggs and Stratton V twin system can produce 3650 psi with 30 litres per min of flow rate for large commercial flat surface work, right down to the 12 volt system for pressure as low as 145 psi and a 1 litre per min flow rate. Using high pressure on render or such surfaces can cause tremendous damage opening up the surface to create a further more porous surface for additional colonisation of algae etc and often striping of the surface. If the cleaning solution is to be rinsed afterwards, we use a wide nozzle, high flow approach with hot water to obtain a better clean.


 We also have the World renowned “ Doff “ stone cleaning system. This is approved by English Heritage for use on Listed and Historic buildings. This produces super-heated water and steam to delicately removed organic staining from many surfaces, along with paint removal to include graffiti. This teamed up with restorative chemicals can also gently remove years of carbon.


We have invested in the Ibix System to add this to our arsenal of specialised equipment at our disposal. This enables us to undertake the most sensitive, yet effective of cleaning projects you may need.


It can be used for the gentle cleaning of historical, listed and delicate building substrates along with carbon, graffiti, timber restoration, marble, bronze, and facades amongst many others.


We have over 30 years of hands on building construction knowledge and certification meaning we are often able to fully advise/report on defects as we come across them, along with often rectifying the cause of the problem too. Time served knowledge cannot be gained on a short course, which are often aimed as selling the suppliers own products. Some of these other approaches use large quantities of chemical and causes drift to unwanted target areas. This can cause untold damage. Unfortunately there is no recognised Government regulation or qualification in this industry at present. Please check the background experience of any contractor you are thinking of employing. Because of this, we ensure our staff are fully trained in what “IS” Government recognised qualifications such as NPTC that covers Health and safety, Handling and Applying Chemicals. Working at Height for safety, IPAF covering using MEWPS, high level mobile access platforms and PASMA , for the use of Tower scaffolding to mention a few.


 We can reach elevations up to 10 metres from the ground safely, using full carbon fibre water fed poles, with either nozzles or brushes fitted.  Above that height and for awkward access we have invested our very own high access equipment such as narrow light weight aluminium tower scaffolding and our own Cherry picker. This highly manoeuvrable and adaptive machine will go through a narrow gap yet reach heights of 15 metres with a very small foot print on the ground. We have access to larger machines when needed.


 Soft washing will kill the spores and treat unwanted biological growth of fungus, moss, red and green algae, bacteria, lichen, pollen, mould and other forms of growth on the target surface. The chemicals are Eco-friendly and do not “bio accumulate”, meaning they break down rapidly on contact with soil to give it a very low environmental footprint. The work area is rinsed unless a residual biocide is applied and once dry is perfectly safe for children and pets etc.


Thatched Roof Maintenance

Our maintenance service biocides are recommended by The National Society Of Master Thatchers

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Greenway Softwashing

Soft washing is a safe and very effective low pressure cleaning and sanitizing method, for both domestic and commercial properties.

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