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Tennis Courts Cleaning in Gloucester,

Cheltenham, Stroud and The Cotswolds

Regular maintenance will improve play,drainage, improve aesthetic appearance, reduce slippage injuries, provide a safe surface to play on and extend the life of the court. To achieve this, regular maintenance needs to be adhered to.


This will change from court to court depending on the surface and positioning of the court in relation to trees etc. Trees provide a wind break but should not be allowed to cause excessive build-up of leaves and create too much shade that it becomes dangerous.


Tarmac courts which are left to disrepair can crack or cause fretting. This is when the debris builds up, causing poor drainage, standing water which when freezes will then cause the surface to crack and the surface become loose.


Artificial courts and surfaces can also pick up debris, leaves and moss that will clog the surface. It will affect bounce and cause drainage issues. It needs to be regularly brushed to keep the profile clear, followed by biocide applications to kill any remaining biofilm


We have a Westermann Cm2 pro sweeper with a huge array of attachments to ensure we can undertake cleaning of any surface required.


Regular biocide applications will ensure that organic growth does not take hold; we recommend this is undertaken twice a year where possible.

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