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Timber & Fencing Cleaning in Gloucester,

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Wooden features such as decking and fencing are a great contribution to the exterior appearance of your property. Timber is a solid structure that has been used for construction as long as the Earth has been around


Often we use treated timber to make our structures last longer. However, timber that is exposed to the outdoor elements constantly will become damaged, moulded, dirty and mildewed. This can cause the timber to rot faster and become slippery and dangerous if on ground level


An assessment of the type of timber and its location will determine the correct approach or indeed product to be used. This will ensure no damage to the structure of the timber.


High pressure will often damage the fibres of the timber and increase the ageing effect and reduce weather resistance. Sometimes a very light pass at low pressure may be used to remove a heavy build up before the applying any products.


Our biocides protect the timber and are also a wood preservative that prevents wood rot by killing off fungi. Under the EU Biocidal Product Types Regulations it is designated “PT8”.

Greenway Softwashing

Soft washing is a safe and very effective low pressure cleaning and sanitizing method, for both domestic and commercial properties.

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