Roof Cleaning

We have our own cherry picker and scaffolding to gain access to the roof without the need to climb on it in most cases. The results we can achieve are fantastic. With our 30 years of building knowledge we can advise, photograph and report on any defects we find, putting you in contact with a time served tradesman if needed.

Soft washing a roof will kill the moss, lichen and containments. Depending on what chemicals/methods are used, it can achieve quicker results than others

Where suitable the moss will be either scraped off or removed using steam through converted poles. Low pressure steam cleaning a roof with our purpose made equipment will remove years of moss and organic build up without damage to the roof tiles or pointing. If that approach isn’t suitable for the tiles in question, we have a full arsenal of laser cut roof scrapers to match every tile profile on the market. The moss is manually removed, again from either scaffold towers of our cherry picker.

The gutters are cleaned using our gutter vac system and thoroughly washed through to ensure they all flow properly.

An Hse approved biocide or soft wash solution is then applied. The British weather will take care of any leftover lichen over the next few months. This will ensure the longevity of the clean over merely removing the organic build up alone.

Soft washing is a safe and very effective low pressure cleaning and sanitizing method, for both domestic and commercial properties.


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