Cirencester is the largest market town of the Cotswolds and sits on an outcrop of Oolitic limestone, quarried here for centuries for building. Cotswold stone colour varies, from honey in the north of the region, through the golden stone in the central area to the pearly white associated with Bath. An important Roman market town today Cirencester is home of the Royal Agricultural University, founded in 1840 it’s the oldest agricultural college in the English-speaking world. The problem In common with many buildings of porous renders the cause of environmental discolouration is sometimes deeper under the surface than would appear to the naked eye. Treating visible symptoms is sensible, treating the cause holistically is the VFM solution…

The Solution

Greenway was invited to solve the staining problems. Rupert Freeth-Selway provided a 2-step process using MetaClear high adhesion alkali gel for a controlled cleaning process, MetaClear will not penetrate render and is active where needed – at the surface. Once rinsed MetaClear was followed by the AlgoClear Pro treatment. AlgoClear Pro was applied to saturation and allowed to evaporate naturally. Any remaining marks can be left to recede naturally through repeated cycles of UV, rain, and wind. The nature of AlgoClear Pro allows residual biocide to “reactive” following rainfall ensuring the surface will continue to brighten over a long period. AlgoClear Pro is registered with the EU Biocides Directive as PT2 and PT8 – PT2 defines it as “Safe for use on children’s play equipment and PT8 as a “wood preserver” – so a safe product suitable for all external hard surfaces.

We were originally asked to use our service on 2 houses. This number was increased to 28 houses after other residents seeing the amazing results our product achieves.


Bingham Close Cirencester

2 step process

  • Controlled cleaning of dark discolorations
  • High adhesion gel
  • Viscosity to stay where applied
  • Will not penetrate render porosity
  • Gel prevents evaporation
  • Stabilises concentration
  • Low odour

  • Biocidal detergent
  • Decontaminates growth on hard surfaces
  • pH Neutral
  • Bio-degradable
  • Bleach free Solvent-free
  • No oxidisation
  • Odourless
  • HSE No. 8832


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