AlgoClear is a powerful solution for quickly removing moss, lichen and algae and renovating most surfaces such as tarmac to ‘as new’ within hours. AlgoClear is unusual as it contains no acids nor bleach so it’s environmentally friendly yet odourless and once dry, is safe for humans and pets.

Ideal for killing moss and algae on roofs, walls, patio slabs and driveways, AlgoClear is applied using a sprayer (not supplied) and acts within a few hours of application. Simply use one litre of this powerful moss killer with 14 parts of water and you will have enough to treat 60 square metres.

To prevent further re-growth of moss and algae, we recommend not rinsing the applied area as this will dilute the concentration and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

You can apply AlgoClear at anytime of the year however, applying on days where temperatures are around 5°Ç and below is not recommended. We also suggest refraining from applying on hot days as you will get better results when the solution is allowed to stay wet as long as possible.

AlgoClear is an easy to apply moss killer with results that will clear your affected areas in just a few hours.

AlgoClear will:

  • Rid yourself of dangerous and slippery paths and drives
  • Kills moss and algae on paths, roofs, patios, driveways, tennis courts, play areas, decking, block paving, outdoor furniture, gravestones and artificial surfaces
  • Kills moss and continues to prevent a reinfestation for up to 12 months