Tennis is a great sport, and tennis courts can be a coveted amenity of any home, community, neighbourhood or sports club. However, it is important to keep a tennis court clean and playable. There is nothing worse than playing on a slippy and dirty tennis court. The best way to ensure that your local tennis court looks great and is maintained properly is to hire a professional Gloucestershire based exterior cleaning company like Greenway Softwashing.
Our technicians have the proper experience and training to clean specialty exterior surfaces including tennis courts. We use a patented soft washing process to remove built up dirt and grime without harming the finished surface.
We recommend using our SoftWash Systems technology instead of a high-powered pressure washer. This system involves using, biodegradable non-hazardous chemicals that eat away at dirt, mud, mold, mildew or other build up.
The chemicals and remaining particles are washed away with a low pressure watering system to leave you with a clean, solid court, free of surface damage. You can depend on Greenway Softwashing for high quality results everytime.
For a free no-obligation quotation for tennis court cleaning or soft washing cleaning services please contact us by phone or email or pop into our offices based in Gloucestershire. We look forward to hearing from you.