Reasons Why You Should Consider Roof Cleaning 

Roof cleaning is one of the property maintenance needs that we often neglect.  Besides not having the time to do it, some are also hesitant to hire cleaning professionals thinking of its cost. If you are still contemplating whether to have your roof cleaned, here are some of its benefits to help you make an informed decision. 


Contrary to what many property owners think that hiring professional roof cleaning is expensive, it can actually save you in the long run. Regular roof cleaning can help prevent early damage to the roofing system so it can prevent you from having to pay a huge amount for repair works. 

Adds Property Value 

Planning to list your home on the market in the future? Regular roof cleaning is a must-have. Regular roof cleaning will make your home’s exterior look cleaner, more attractive, and good as new. It could also make the selling of your property faster and easier. 


Regular cleaning makes every cleaning time easier and quicker. It prevents stubborn debris, leaves, and grimes from accumulating and decaying on top of your roof so the cleaning process becomes much easier. 


A clean roof that is free from dirt and debris can last for a very long time. The stains and growth of organisms such as moss and fungus are the main culprits of damaged roof shingles and wood. These often result in costly repairs and an early deterioration of your roofing system. To ensure durable roofing for the longest time possible, get a regular cleaning service with your trusted cleaning professionals. 


By regularly cleaning your roof, you are also preventing early deterioration of other parts or structures of your home. Moss and moulds that cling onto the roof hold a lot of moisture and can eventually accelerate the decay of the roof’s outer core, leading to leaks and damage to your home’s interior. 

Greenway Softwashing 

If you are looking for reputable and experienced professionals for your roof cleaning needs, Greenway Softwashing is the one to call. We use a safe and high-quality softwashing method in cleaning different types of roofs for all types of properties.  

Our team guarantees a detailed and cost-effective roof cleaning using advanced and environmentally safe equipment and products. 

Contact our team today for enquiries and to receive a free quote. 


Soft washing is a safe and very effective low pressure cleaning and sanitizing method, for both domestic and commercial properties.


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