Render Cleaning in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud and The Cotswolds

We safely work on all types of render systems from through colour, thin coat silicone to Ewi. K-rend, Wetherby, Parex to name a few can all be safely cleaned with no damage to the substrate. We use Hse approved products that deliver results safely.

Algae on render can come in different forms and react differently to soft washing depending on the method used. We can decide which approach on our first visit and consultation.

Green stains disappear very quickly as they are often the first sign of organic staining taking hold. Red algae bursts with colour as the cells break down. Black staining is often a Metabolic stain that the Algae produces. It gives the algae UV protection and allows the algae to grow happily underneath. These are a little more stubborn and require rinsing between treatments. A hot wash down under low pressure is used to remove the built up organic matter and often Moss/Lichen that has started to grow on the renders surface.

We have the knowledge and products to safely remove non organic stains such as rust from render.

If the building has stone sills, mullions, copings etc, these are low pressure steam cleaned and treated to bring back to like new.

Once the render has been cleaned it is very straight forward to keep it looking good with minimal work. We advise applying an Hse approved biocide to the surface every few years, dependant of the property positioning with regard to shade and air flow etc. This is simply applied and left on the surface, it has a lower viscosity than water so can penetrate into the porous surface further and leave a residual behind to carry on the cleaning process over time.

An inconspicuous sample patch can be undertaken using the chosen method on the first site consultation to show the results achieved. A full report of methods used, with costings and safety measured are then forwarded to the client.

Soft washing is a safe and very effective low pressure cleaning and sanitizing method, for both domestic and commercial properties.


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